Access control

Regardless of what your needs are or what your system size is, access control solutions are offered by us, which align with your requirements — ranging from the elementary access control management software and hardware to alternatives that are more advanced. The use of open systems as well as a broad portfolio ensures that the solutions we devise can consistently alter, adapt, and grow with your firm.

Save with edge-based simplicity

As opposed to conventional access control, we offer access control that is definitely more streamlined and edge-based. Our solutions remain connected to your current network with the help of IP PoE, and thus, they avoid complex wiring, which saves a lot of time. Moreover, this will also save additional expenses and makes it easier to implement changes eventually.

Not tied down by cables

Conventional systems require complex wiring to a central decision-making server, which essentially becomes expensive and is a lot of hassle. On the other hand, an agile system is renowned for being edge-based and lean.


Start small or big and scale up when required

The access control that Eonia Solutions offers can be adapted to align with any requirements, ranging from fundamental needs to complex demands. Thus, it is very different from other conventional solutions, which are typically meant for systems that have several doors. Eonia Solutions has specifically designed Entry Manager software to assist with needs that are small to medium-sized, which makes it very easy to set up the optimal solutions. In the case of systems that contain several doors or extremely complicated access rules, we offer software that ensures cutting-edge enterprise solutions. Essentially, it is possible to expand your system in an economical manner with a step-by-step process, as it grows quickly and easily.