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Firewalls play a critical role in preventing unauthorized traffic from entering your network. As per IT security standards, firewalls must be deployed to protect your perimeter and to segment your networks. Along with regular patching, rules verifications and the monitoring of multiple Next-Gen Modules, consistently applying best practices can be a headache for many companies. Added to that the shortage of talent in IT security, most organization are looking to outsource the monitoring and management of their firewalls. It helps them reduce the burden on their in-house staff, to get best-in-class service from experts and reduce operating cost. Eonia Managed Firewall Service offers Custom Plans to help you manage all your firewalls and security appliances.

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Our Managed Firewall Services

Firewall Management

Firewall management is the process of efficiently managing your firewall rules, configuration, logs and alerts. EoniaSolutions focuses on Hardware Maintenance, Hardware Replacement and more, in order to bring the best out of your existing network security infrastructure.

Round the clock support

Our core expertise and passion translates in round the clock support 24/7, Incident Response and live event reporting. Contact us for more information.

Firewall Implementation and Policy Changes

Firewall Implementation and Policy Changes are a constant priority for our team. Adding or Removing FW Rules, New FW Configurations, we strive to implement the best firewalls policies for your business.

Round the clock monitoring

With Eonia Solutions, enjoy a 24/7 round the clock monitoring, including Firewall IPS/IDS and Next Gen Modules Monitoring, and Firewall Health and Performance Monitoring.