Cybersecurity Services

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From onsite servers to mission critical cloud applications, your entire technology infrastructure must be secured at all cost. Eonia is your full-service, expert partner in Cybersecurity. We help business leaders tackle security challenges across skills shortage, cloud migrations and rapid shift to detection and responses. We can help your business transition from the traditional reactive approach to a more cohesive and proactive security strategy. We give you vital insight into your current security posture with reviews, diagnosis and audits of your data protection, information security, critical infrastructure and technologies to sustain organizational strategic policies.

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Our Cybersecurity Services

Ransomware Preparedness Assessment

Eonia Solutions offers in-depth Ransomware Preparedness Assessment to help you harden your defenses against those stealthy, indiscriminate, and highly damaging kind of attacks.

Cybersecurity Posture

Conduct a security posture assessment of your systems and practices to identify any risks and areas of weakness. Our security specialists will undertake a thorough review of your IT systems and infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment will determine which critical systems and sensitive information are at risk of being compromised or attacked.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MEDR)

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms are a category of endpoint security tools, built to provide endpoint visibility and are used to detect and respond to cyber threats and exploits

Threat Hunting services

Eonia Threat Hunting services can help your company look for undetected malicious activity inside your network.
When conducting a threat hunting engagement, we will look at what is leaving your network, like DNS queries and connection information.

Managed Email

91% of all cyber-attacks starts with an email! Email is the main entry point for most cyber-attacks as it is the highest volume data ingress point. It is highly effective because it can be targeted and customized to increase odds of exploitation.

Pen Testing

External Penetration tests

Let us show you how vulnerable your public facing systems are. Under this mandate, we verify all your public facing systems for vulnerabilities and exploits.

Internal Penetration tests

During this engagement, we perform port scans, vulnerability scans and testing for all internal computers, devices, internal servers, and network equipment

Web Application Penetration tests

We perform an assessment of web applications to find vulnerabilities caused by programming errors and configuration.

Command and Control & Data Exfiltration tests

During a C2 assessment our pen testers will investigate and test your ability to detect Command in Control channels within your network. They will also see if you are able to prevent various malware from executing within your network and test if you are able to prevent data from leaving your company