Cloud identity and access management (IAM) solutions

For secure access- both for consumers and your employees- integrate cloud IAM with deep context to achieve risk-based authentication

As companies make hybrid multi-cloud environments even modern with the help of a zero-trust strategy, it is important to note that identity and access management cannot function in siloes anymore. In the context of a cloud-based environment, you must formulate cloud IAM strategies that make use of deep context for the automation of risk protection and the consistent authentication of users to specific resources.

Modernize when you are ready

Your business requirements and your operations must always remain aligned. Ensure that existing investments are maintained, and on-premises applications are protected while the proper cloud IAM architecture is designed and customized for either the replacement of your infrastructure or to complement it.

Function at the speed of business

Your users require one-click access to any application using any device. Incorporate new federated applications to single sign-on (SSO), integrate modern multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods, facilitate the simplification of the logistics and provide the developers with consumable APIs.

Protect your investment

Scale up your cloud IAM to help millions of end-users without requiring an overall infrastructure. Incorporate it to work in tandem with threat management as well as the incident response for incorporating identity as a primary foundation of a zero-trust strategy.

Cloud IAM for consumers


Ensure that brand trust with your customers is protected and maintained by delivering a seamless, multi-channel experience with the help of progressive profiling, robust privacy as well as consent management, along with access for low-risk users without any friction.

Cloud IAM for workforce


Enhance the productivity of the workforce, make use of context as well as intelligence to make decisions related to access, and incorporate IAM in tandem with threat management and incident response for the protection of your enterprise.

Cloud identity and access management services

Your company has to plan, design, execute as well as operate an IAM architecture that is based on the cloud, and this change will come with substantial challenges. With Cloud IAM services, it becomes possible for you to determine the apt strategy as well as architecture meant specifically for your unique requirements, comprehend the various needs of the user, and determine the IAM capabilities that are ideal for on-premises or deployed in the cloud.

How Eonia Solution’s fraud detection and cloud IAM converge

Extending way beyond the simple context, the hybrid multi-cloud landscape needs other developments such as a deep understanding of the user, device, environment, activity, and behavior so that it can consistently as well as intelligently inform dynamic access decisions.

What are identity and access management (IAM)?

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