Cloud Security

Access the cloud securely. Secure Office 365 email. Regulate SaaS apps. In the public cloud, detect threats.

How does Eonia Solutions secure the cloud?

For businesses, the process of securing the public cloud can be particularly challenging. Thus, IT departments seek a security solution that is delivered by the cloud, which allows adequate security for end-users. 

With Eonia Cloud Security products, protection is extended to various facets of your business. With Eonia Umbrella, cloud access is secured, while Eonia Cloudlock ensures that SaaS applications are used safely. 

Additionally, Eonia Cloud Email Security also blocks email threats and remediates them, while with Stealthwatch Cloud, your IaaS instances are monitored, and you are alerted regarding suspicious activities. Eonia Cloud Security products offer a range of security solutions to protect your multicloud business.

What is effective security?

Enterprise Network Security that is Cloud-delivered
With Umbrella, you can rest assured that your defense against cybersecurity threats is robust.

Email Security for Office 365
Enjoy increased protection against various practical issues, including phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and so much more.

Security for SaaS applications
Obtain visibility as well as control to facilitate the adoption of an extremely secure cloud.

Visibility of public cloud infrastructure
Detect various threats easily and enjoy better insights. Moreover, validate compliance within your public cloud infrastructure.

Real-time cloud monitoring
With AppDynamics, your firm can monitor the performance of applications to ensure consistent operations and business intelligence.

Multicloud network protection
Desist threats using the firewall that has been virtualized to remain compatible with private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Multicloud workload protection
Eonia Tetration ensures comprehensive workload protection by leveraging visibility and segmentation of applications.

What are the advantages of cloud security?

With Eonia Solutions Cloud Security, you can securely adopt the cloud and more effectively manage security to handle the way in which the world operates today. You can ensure that the users are protected against threats, regardless of where they access the Internet from, and that the cloud protects your data and applications.

Block threats quickly

Cease malware before your network or endpoints end up being targeted. Decrease the amount of time that you spend remediating infections.

Enhance protection

Eliminate blind spots and ensure that the users are protected regardless of where they go.

Secure users, data, apps

Help ensure that your users, data, and apps that are present in the cloud remain protected against malware and data breaches.

Ensure that cloud is used securely

Enhance security without affecting the productivity of the end-user.

Leverage Umbrella

Help protect your network from threats using a 14-day free trial.

Check Out Email Security

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Check out AppDynamics

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Check out Stealthwatch Cloud

Immediately start your 60-day trial for free and without the installation of any hardware or software.

Eonia Services assist clients in integrating our range of services and technology, migrating from other solutions, and optimizing their current technologies used for security.

Cloud security ideal practices

Get acquainted with the ideal ways to adhere to the business, audit, and compliance requirements.

Cloud security assessment

Augment the architecture of your cloud security and make it more robust, and enhance your willingness to incorporate new cloud services.