Managed Email Security

91% of all cyber-attacks start with an email!

Email is the primary entry point for most cyber-attacks as it is the highest volume data ingress point. Attackers find It highly effective because it can be targeted and customized to increase the odds of exploitation.

Currently, many enterprises use email security gateways to add security to their email services. Although email security gateway products protect customers against spamming and low-level email attacks, they miss the mark on advanced and sophisticated email-based threats like Business Email Compromise, Email Account Compromise, and insider threats. Even with the implementation of DMARC, there are still cases where sophisticated phishing emails get to the users’ inboxes. Threat actors even manage to bypass security technologies like EOP, and ATP implemented inside Office365 and get to the mailbox.

Eonia offers Cloud-Native Email Security Services that can solve the issues mentioned above.

Whether your email server is in the cloud or on-premise, our solution will integrate with your existing defenses.

Emails prove to be a convenient path for malicious actors to push malware through and infect network systems. User awareness is a crucial aspect of email security because some phishing emails can get through your standard security layers. If the user remains alert and handles suspicious emails with care, it can become challenging for the criminals to infiltrate network systems and cause data breaches and other cyberattacks.