IT compliance

Today, it is extremely easy for employees to adopt web apps by sidestepping their IT department, which can cause several risks in terms of security and compliance. At the same time, there is a rise in the number as well as the complexity of government-mandated regulations and internal policies. WAF is here to assist you in adhering to them. 

  • Handle several mandates, including PCI DSS 6.6, which require app firewalls
  • Adhere to policies and regulations that forbid access to specific web applications or information from specific locations through the restriction of access from particular countries or network address blocks
  • Prevent sensitive data transmission through the blocking of the ability to upload or download content or files that are in either unapproved or suspicious formats

Visualize and report

There is a need to easily and intuitively understand the security of various web applications at one go. With WAF, your security team enjoys complete access to its data, which it can monitor. WAF offers different tools for visualization and reporting, which includes a dashboard that is rich with graphics, interactive insights, as well as elaborate information related to each threat and the various ways in which it can be addressed.

  • In the dashboard, detect unusual patterns through summarized website traffic information
  • Evaluate the severity and tune your security settings to proactively minimize false positives using elaborate information regarding each threat that WAF detects
  • Make use of extensive filtering and dynamic search capabilities for the identification of suspicious activity, understand the threat data, and obtain actionable insights regarding the threat landscape

Single-pane-of-glass UI

In a few seconds, witness all the results in the same place. Make use of AssetView, to help the security and compliance pros and managers to obtain a holistic and consistently updated perspective regarding various IT assets, just with the use of one dashboard interface. The dashboard is completely customizable and enables users to look at the overall picture, understand the details, and create reports for teammates as well as auditors. The dashboards offered are intuitive and easy-to-build, and hence, help aggregate as well as correlate your company’s IT security and compliance data at the same place from different Cloud Apps.

Centralized & customized

For different kinds of assessments, centralize the discovery of host assets. To align with your business structure, organize host asset groups. Ensure security data remains private with our end-to-end encryption as well as strong access controls. Centrally, you can manage the access of users to their Eonia accounts through a single sign-on (SSO) of your firm. We support identity service providers that are SAML 2.0-based.

Easy deployment

You can deploy either from a public or private cloud, all of which is completely handled by Eonia Solutions. In the case of Eonia Solutions, you need not worry about any servers to provision, software installation, or maintenance of databases. In your browser, you will always find the latest features of Eonia Solutions available, without the need to set up special client software or VPN connections.

Scalable and extensible

You can scale up on a global level. Use extensible XML-based APIs to integrate with other systems. Make use of Eonia Solutions with an array of security and compliance systems, including GRC, ticketing systems, SIEM, ERM, and IDS.