Managed Detection and Response
Proactive Security

What Is An Endpoint Detection And Response Platform?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms are a category of endpoint security tools built for providing endpoint visibility and help detect and respond to cyber threats and exploits.

hat Are Some Common Use-Cases Of The Endpoint Detection And Response Platform?

The following are the prominent use cases of the Endpoint Detection and Response platform that can help a great deal in preventive measures.

  • Identify and block malicious executables.
  • Control where, how, and who can execute scripts.
  • Manage the usage of USB devices and prohibit unauthorized devices from being used.
  • Eliminate the ability for attackers to use file-less malware attack techniques on protected endpoints.
  • Prevent malicious email attachments from detonating their payloads.
  • Predict and prevent successful zero-day attacks.

Eonia has extensive experience helping businesses secure their networks and improve their security posture quickly and effectively. We work closely with your business to establish a robust endpoint detection program that reduces your cyber risk. With our MEDR service, you can take advantage of our solid expertise. We will monitor your endpoints and take action when any security breaches occur. We will integrate the chosen EDR solution into our SIEM.


What Are The Advantages/Benefits Of Managed EDR Security?

The managed EDR concept can have the following benefits that can save a lot of trouble by facilitating detecting and acting upon threats in advance.

  • Robust security posture to manage endpoint detection
  • Detection of sophisticated threat actors
  • Deterrence of future attacks

Endpoint security is crucial as the nodes serve as the entry points for malware sent by malicious actors through phishing emails. Similarly, it is convenient for them to infect an endpoint system using executable files delivered through external devices like pen drives.

Another crucial aspect of security posture assessment is user access management. Endpoint security entails allowing only authorized users with proper access rights to log in to the system network. Good endpoint management ensures that unauthorized users do not enter the network, thereby strengthening your security posture.

Security posture assessment also enables you to monitor the usage of removable input devices like USB drives and hard disks. Managed EDR security can help prohibit unauthorized usage. It also eliminates the possibility of malicious actors using other malware attack techniques to access the network systems.

Endpoint security helps identify phishing emails or those containing malicious payloads from offloading their attachments. Eonia offers excellent endpoint security management to neutralize the threat actors and prevent them from exploiting the vulnerabilities in the network system.