vCISO Services, LLC – Virtual CISO

We Provide Small and Midsized Companies with Virtual CISOs and Cyber Risk Management Services

Today, it would cost $270,000 annually to add a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and this can go way beyond the budgets of several small as well as midsized businesses (SMBs). Moreover, the majority of SMBs do not need a full-time security leadership position. Hence, a virtual CISO (vCISO) is valuable.

We aspire to assist SMBs put up a good fight in a world that is witnessing an increase in the hostile cyber security threat environment through the provision of executive part-time virtual CISO services.

What Makes Us Different

We are a small and specialized firm, and we only focus on the needs of SMBs only. Our primary advantage is our size. With or assistance, you can engage in a highly-experienced virtual CISO, instead of opting for a cyber security analyst or IT manager. You can optimize cyber security executive services at low costs by merely selecting the services that you require for your company.