Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Assessment will determine which critical systems and sensitive information are at risk of being compromised or attacked.


Penetration Testing will uncover and mock-exploit such vulnerabilities to show how criminals would use them to move laterally or deeper into the environment.

Eonia focuses on eliminating the vulnerabilities in the network and strengthening your defenses. Vulnerability assessment entails conducting systematic reviews of security weaknesses in the network system. It analyzes and evaluates if the system is home to known vulnerabilities. It also recommends mitigation or remediation wherever necessary.

Eonia conducts various vulnerability assessments to prevent or neutralize threats, like

  1. SQL Injection, XSS, and different types of code injection attacks
  2. Privilege escalation because of faulty authentication mechanisms
  3. Insecure defaults, such as easily guessable admin passwords

We conduct internal and external vulnerability assessments that includes


  • Host Assessment – Your email and web servers are prone to cyberattacks if you do not test them adequately.
  • Database Assessment – Databases and big-data systems need regular assessments for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to identify insecure dev/test environments and rogue databases and classifying sensitive data across the organization’s infrastructure.
  • Network and Wireless Assessment – It involves assessing cybersecurity practices and policies to prevent unauthorized access to public/private networks.
  • Application Scans – We conduct automated scans on the front-end or the static/dynamic analysis of the source code to identify security vulnerabilities in web applications.