WiFi Deployments and Upgrades

We create fast, efficient, and future-oriented wireless solutions for enterprises

Today, a wireless network is crucial for every business and firm as the world practically runs on the internet. In the context of the modern business environment, which is essentially global in nature, it is important to prioritize easy access to information and mobility to remain relevant in this competitive world. Alternatively, companies can enjoy better revenues, enhance the productivity of their employees, strengthen security, and make the most of big data as well as business intelligence once they are equipped with effective enterprise wireless solutions.

Eonia Solutions aims to develop and implement wireless network solutions that are optimized for your business as well as each location. Our team will diligently evaluate your specific needs, application, as well as a work environment, to determine proper wireless network solutions that are capable of supporting you now and way in the future. Moreover, we are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to evaluate, devise, execute, as well as manage the wireless solution for your enterprise to ensure seamless connectivity while you carry out your everyday operations. With our solutions, any company that enjoys a global presence or has offices in several regions can enjoy uninterrupted operations.

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a trending topic regardless of the industry that is under scrutiny. While this technology can be extremely useful in accomplishing several objectives of a company, it is crucial to understand that its maintenance can be particularly complex. However, there is a one-stop-solution to manage everything associated with IoT, including network security, reliability, performance, and so much more. Eonia Solutions has designed just such a solution. Our holistic strategies will ensure that your company’s IT services are always up-to-date and you enjoy an edge over the rest. This includes remote tracking, condition monitoring, lifecycle management, workflow automation as well as predictive asset maintenance that every site requires.

Solutions to deal with internet failover

If you are experiencing a wired connection failure, it is crucial for you to employ a wireless internet failover solution, which will help you effectively manage all of your network devices and ensure that your network keeps running. The system has been integrated to make sure that you enjoy continued operation. There are several obvious advantages associated with this specific solution, such as:

  • It is possible to maintain point-of-sale systems even when your network loses internet connectivity
  • It would also help make sure that cloud-based applications continue to work in real-time
  • Maintain operation as you wait for the technicians to arrive.
  • Last but not least, it can help maintain the trust of customers

Enjoy stress-free Wi-Fi

We at Eonia solutions are here to help your business with any W-LAN requirements that you may face, right from troubleshooting and designing to configuring, integrating, and managing the resources whenever you need assistance. 

Complex Business Analytics

The business analytics services offered by our team at Eonia Solutions have been designed upon learning about the requirements as well as challenges of collating and understanding big data. As we thoroughly comprehend your unique situation, we can assist you in collating and evaluating the obtained data to:
  • Help you understand your customers better
  • Assist you in arriving upon data-driven decisions
  • Ensure that you enjoy a competitive advantage
  • Bolster the overall performance of your business